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Executive Leadership Coaching
Leadership Team Effectiveness and Culture
Personal Branding Strategy

"Every interaction is an opportunity to inspire and accelerate positive growth
and impact."


C-level, senior executive and high potential emerging leaders within complex organisations work with me so they can accelerate and enhance their leadership growth and impact. Unlocking their leadership excellence empowers them to be their best in their work, their life and their ever-evolving world. 

I believe that leadership team effectiveness shapes the entire organisational fabric. Enhancing leadership team effectiveness and culture drives positive change and outcomes.


In today’s competitive business landscape, authenticity matters. I integrate personal branding principles into my coaching practice, enabling leaders to build trust, nurture relationships, and deliver outcomes that matter.


Known to establish trust quickly, I provide a safe space for leaders and their teams to step beyond their comfort zones. Together, we explore deeply, experiment courageously, extend their capacity and capability to lead, and embed new habits and mindsets. Ultimately, these leaders empower those around them to thrive.


Since 2014, I’ve partnered with organisations in diverse industries – from global professional and financial services to education, engineering, and the public sector. Organisations and individuals alike, having experienced the transformative impact of my coaching practice, recommend me.


As a global citizen with Chinese heritage, raised in Malaysia, with decades of executive leadership experience in Australia and internationally, I bring a unique perspective. My coaching transcends borders, connecting leaders worldwide.


When I’m not journeying alongside organisational leaders, I savour time with family and friends, relish food and wine experiences, and passionately support the Geelong Football Club. Go Cats!

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About Grace Thomas

What we do

What we do

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Every interaction is an opportunity to inspire and accelerate positive growth and impact.

Grace Thomas

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