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My Evolve Accredited Ally Journey ... Listen. Learn. Reflect. Act.

Feeling immensely humbled to receive my accreditation as an Evolve Accredited Ally with Evolve Communities co-leaders Aunty Munya Andrews and Carla Rogers. This achievement is particularly meaningful given the personal challenges I have faced over the past 18 months.


The learning experience was not only broad and deep but also profoundly impactful. Despite this, I recognise that my journey toward true competence has only just begun and may never be realised. There is still much to learn through listening, dialogue, and action.


Although my history in Australia spans a mere 50 years, I feel a deep sense of responsibility as a citizen to contribute my utmost to this nation that has provided me with countless opportunities and blessings. I am acutely aware of and grateful for the privilege I enjoy in my life, work and world.


Our collective responsibility

It is our collective duty to acknowledge the First Peoples and traditional custodians of this land, and to pay our respects to their Elders, both past and present, who have given so much to Australia. This is not a mere tick-box exercise. It is right and proper to recognize that this country did not begin 236 years ago. It has been home to many for over 65,000 years. We walk in their footsteps on lands that have never been ceded — lands on which we each live, work, and love.


The terms "Terra Nullius" or "Terra Australis Incognito" are deeply offensive, used historically to justify the occupation and colonisation of Australia. How disrespectful and erroneous it is to claim this was an "unknown land, empty, nameless, and belonging to no one." Who then did the occupiers fight when they landed in Botany Bay and beyond? Who were the individuals who died and suffered in massacres?

The allyship accreditation journey 

The Evolve Communities Allyship Accreditation Program entails 20 hours of online learning led by Aunty Munya and Carla Rogers, covering the Seven Steps™ Reconciliation & Allyship framework along with additional modules. While it may sound straightforward, it is far from a walk in the park. The critical reflective exercises after each module require deep thought and personal exploration of what the learning means for us individually and how we can apply it. I found myself needing to dig deeper and revisit some of the questions.


The course is structured to challenge preconceived notions and stereotypes and to inspire meaningful change. It prompts participants to reflect on their own experiences and biases, and to consider how they can contribute to a more inclusive and respectful society. The journey is both introspective and communal, as it encourages dialogue and shared learning.


The Evolve Communities team is deadly in its support and encouragement. Their purpose is not only to educate but also to foster a genuine understanding and respect for the rich cultural heritage of Australia's First Peoples. They provide a safe space for participants to explore complex and often uncomfortable topics, ensuring that everyone feels heard and valued.

Join me?

Becoming an Evolve Accredited Ally is more than a certification; it is a commitment to ongoing learning and advocacy. It signifies a dedication to standing in solidarity with First Peoples and to actively working towards reconciliation. The knowledge and insights gained through this program are invaluable, equipping allies with the tools to support and amplify Indigenous voices in their communities and workplaces.


While each person will need to take their own path, I encourage anyone who is passionate about social justice and reconciliation to consider embarking on this transformative journey. It is an opportunity to make a tangible difference and to be part of a movement that honours and uplifts the First Peoples of Australia.

I pledge to stand with Australia’s First Peoples and commit to listening, learning, growing, and enabling their voices to be heard.

Will you join me in this journey of acknowledgement, reconciliation, and action? Might you consider becoming an Evolve Accredited Ally for our First Peoples?


Nagujin (Thank you in Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung) for reading this to the end. I hope you will take the step and join me in this important work. Together, we can contribute to a more just and equitable society for all.


Take the Ally Pledge to keep showing up for Australia's First Nations Peoples


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