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  • What Inclusive Leaders Sound Like | Noah Zandan and Lisa Shallett | HBR | Nov 2020 | How do you rate yourself on inclusivity using these top three behaviours - audience-centred language, demonstrating subject matter expertise, authenticity?

  • "Serious" Leaders Need Self-Care | Palena Neale | HBR | Oct 2020 | I can't stress the importance of putting on your own oxygen mask on first before helping others. You can't be there for those you care about in life, at work or in your world if you are not at your best.​

  • Hidden Perils of Unresolved Grief | McKinsey Quarterly | Sep 2020 |Many people are feeling a degree of grief during the pandemic. Leaders, be aware of your own grief and how this impacts those around you. Be conscious on how individuals on your team are experiencing grief and how you support them through it.​

  • Understanding the leader’s ‘identity mindtrap’: Personal growth for the C-suite | Jennifer Garvey Berger and Zafer Gedeon Achi | McKinsey Quarterly | Jan 2020 | Our identity mindtrap can get in the way of our leadership growth.

  • The Science of Listening | Korn Ferry Briefings Magazine | Listening solely for comprehension - a powerful message from ex-IBM CEO, Sam Palmisano.

  • The New Leadership Playbook for the Digital Age | Doug A. Ready, Carol Cohen, David Kiron, Benjamin Pring | Jan 2020 | The 2020 Future of Leadership Global Executive Study and Research Report - what is required of leaders in the future of work.

  • Protect Your Time at Work by Setting Better Boundaries | Elizabeth Grace Saunders | HBR  Dec 2019 | How are you managing your meeting availability, length of meetings and focused work time?

  • The Elements of Good Judgment | Sir Andrew Likierman | HBR Jan-Feb 2020 | Good judgment is the hallmark of effective leadership. Elements include learning, trust, experience, detachment, options and delivery.

  • The Mindsets and Practices of Excellent CEOs | McKinsey & Company | Oct 2019 | An excellent guide to how the best CEOs think and act. Very clear 18 unique responsibilities of a CEO to help CEOs and aspiring CEOs determine their strengths and gaps.

  • How to get out of the weeds and make time for big-picture thinking | Adrian Granzella Larssen | Fast Company | Dec 2019 | What needs to happen to resist using 'busy' as an excuse for not paying attention to the big picture?



  • Are You Getting the Best Out of Your Leadership Team | Laurence R McEvoy, II | CCL | Mar 2017 | An executive team is a powerful asset for any organization. Yet the data shows that too many executive teams are underperforming. So how can an executive team change this.

  • How to Measure Leadership Team Effectiveness | Jack McGuinness | Chief Executive | May 2019 |  If a highly effective leadership team is a force multiplier in organisational success, we need to measure its effectiveness.

  • Getting Teamwork Right at the Top | Phil Kleweno, Imeyen Ebong, Paul Stansik |Bain & Company | Oct 2018 | "When C-suite leaders rate their teams highly across four specific traits (greater good, commitment, trust, inclusion), their companies are up to six times more likely to be 



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  • Are You Ready to be Coached? | Brenda Steinberg | HBR | Oct 2020 | If you are considering getting some coaching, this is worth considering - are you ready? Everyone is coachable if they are ready and prepared to get into a zone of discomfort.

  • 6 Ways I Embrace Imposter Syndrome | John Belizaire | CEO Playbook | Sep 2019 | Some pragmatic ideas from John's own experience as CEO of Soluna, a serial entrepreneur, advisor, and investor.

  • Learn to Inspire Yourself | Tsun-yan Hsieh | HBR | July 2020 | We cannot inspire others if we are not inspired ourselves. And, it's what you do with that inspiration that counts.

  • Your Business Can't Go Where Your Mindset Hasn't Gone | Sara Gilbert | Forbes Coaches Council | May 2020 | Changing your story and mindset are critical to your success. Aspiration alone is not enough.

  • The Discomfort You are Feeling is Grief | Scott Berinato | HBR | Mar 2020 | In the COVID-19 crisis, the might the discomfort we are feeling be grief - grief because we have lost all sense of normalcy?

  • How Will You Measure Your Life | Clayton M. Christensen | HBR | Jul-Aug 2010 | Don’t worry about the level of individual prominence you have achieved; worry about the individuals you have helped become better people.​

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